Month: May 2018

We change Africa with our Voices

Aroko Call-In Show a Success

After 5 episodes on two Lagos radio stations, the Yoruba-language call -in show Aroko has come to an end. The show, which was developed as part of SEEFARs project against modern-day slavery combined a call-in show starring experts on preventing human trafficking and domestic servitude, with survivors of these situations. The setup allowed listeners to…
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ARDA Staff Reflect on Successful Bali Summit

It’s hard to believe it but it’s been actually a month since our program staff set off for Bali, Indonesia for the 2018 Social and Behavioral Change Communication Summit.  It was, in a sense, a rebirth for ARDA, 20 years after we started working in this field as it was the first place we debuted…
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Postcard from Kigali

A friend of ARDA recently visited the beautiful city of Kigali in Rwanda. Rwanda is slowly changing the image it evokes in the global mindscape. From the ethnic cleansing and genocides of 1994 to the movie, Hotel Rwanda, to the 21st century, where Rwanda which has the highest rates of female participation in politics (one…
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ARDA LAUNCHES NEW Training Courses for 2018

ARDA is pleased to release our new series of training courses in line with our strategic plan to institutionalize our 20+ years of experience as a leading development and communication non-profit NGO and to strengthen the capacity and sustainability of SMEs, non-profits and NGOs working towards the development of Nigeria. Over the years, ARDA has…
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