Aroko Call-In Show a Success

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Aroko Call-In Show a Success

After 5 episodes on two Lagos radio stations, the Yoruba-language call -in show Aroko has come to an end.

The show, which was developed as part of SEEFARs project against modern-day slavery combined a call-in show starring experts on preventing human trafficking and domestic servitude, with survivors of these situations. The setup allowed listeners to call in an ask questions. In addition, ARDA scripted radio spots that aimed to sensitize young people looking to go abroad to do domestic work about the potential dangers of such an arrangement. Often times, these domestic jobs turn out to be another form of modern day slavery and with seemingly everyone looking to check out of Nigeria these days, Aroko seemed apt.

Priscilla Fiberesima, the program manager of the project, said the show was a success. When you have a call-in the fear is that no one will call in but those fears were unfounded.

“On both stations, the call in rare was great with 9 to 10 calls on average over the hour.”

Even More heartwarming for Ms. Fiberesima was the fact that people felt that Aroko helped them. “Not only were the callers very willing to contributed many of them were thankful that such a programme was on the air and said it really impacted them positively.”

Ms Fiberesima also said that listeners were responding positively to the call to action put out at the end of each episode and the promo spots. The call to action gave listeners a number to call for more information about the Seefar Modern-Day Slavery Project.  Seefar reported that the information line had been ringing steadily.

“It goes on to show that people are really listening and are concerned about this issue of modern day slavery.” Ms. Fiberesima

All though the call-in shows are over, you can still listen to the promo spots on Radio Lagos 107.5 FM and Faaji 106.5 FM until June 13. Share with your friends, you might just be saving a life.

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