ARDA Production “Wat’s Dis All About?” to take place at MUSON Festival 2019.

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ARDA Production “Wat’s Dis All About?” to take place at MUSON Festival 2019.

ARDA’s second theatre production of the year will take place at the famous MUSON Festival 2019.
The Festival, the Musical Society of Nigeria’s annual arts and culture event, is a smorgasbord art, drama and opera, and classical and choral musical recitals. 2019 is the 23rd iteration of the event. ‘Wat’s Dis All About’ is a two-man comedy play with each actor playing multiple distinctive characters, morphing from one skit to another as the story unfolds.

It is a fast-paced comedic play riding on a synergy of style and artistic stamina. ‘Wat’s Dis All About’ is written and directed by Toyin Oshinaike for the African Radio Drama Association (ARDA)
‘Wat’s Dis All About’ is a Nigerian street version of ‘WOZA ALBERT’- a South African play created by Mbongeni Ngema, Percy Mtwa and Barney Simon in Apartheid South Africa.

Under the siege of apartheid, ‘WOZA ALBERT’ became one of the most outstanding successes in the anti-apartheid crusade. It was adapted by Toyin Oshinaike to reflect the Nigerian socio-political situation switching from Apartheid to the Stresses and strains of Nigerian life and society.
The play asks the question “If Jesus Christ, the Messiah was to return to Nigeria today, what would the ordinary Nigerian require of him?”

The play uses a sketch format to present hilarious and abstract ideas of what the coming of the Messiah would mean in contemporary a Nigerian society.
“My attempt is not only to showcase a satirical commentary of the ‘common Nigerians’ but also to present, in caricature form, critical issues of survival in a state of political and economic depression which have grossly depreciated our moral values and conscience,” said Toyin Oshinaike, who in addition to writing and directing is also starring in the play alongside, Toritseju Ejoh.
The play will be staged at the MUSON Centre on Saturday, October 19, 2019, at 3 PM and 6 PM and Sunday, October 20, 2019, at 3 PM.

Director/Actor, Wat’s Dis All About, Toyin Oshinaike (left), Actor, Toritseju Akiya Ejoh

Director/Actor, Wat’s Dis All About, Toyin Oshinaike

Actor, Wat’s Dis All About, Toritseju Akiya Ejoh


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