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ARDA Production “Wat’s Dis All About?” to take place at MUSON Festival 2019.

ARDA’s second theatre production of the year will take place at the famous MUSON Festival 2019. The Festival, the Musical Society of Nigeria’s annual arts and culture event, is a smorgasbord art, drama and opera, and classical and choral musical recitals. 2019 is the 23rd iteration of the event. ‘Wat’s Dis All About’ is a…
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Check Out Pictures from the Auditions of Our Latest Radio Production

Here are some pictures from the Hausa Auditions. Finally, more pictures from the English Auditions.

ARDA Produces Mercy Corps Phase 2 Programs

Recently at ARDA we’ve all been really busy bringing Phase 2 of Mercy Corps’ ‘Using the Airwaves for stabilization in the Lake Chad Basin’ Project to life. The project sees ARDA producing a radio variety programme with factual historical, cultural and educational elements as well as a drama segment.  The programmes are in both Hausa…
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ARDA Treads the Boards

Sometimes, a task seems so daunting just uttering it comes with a gasp. We were going to stage a whole drama, The Wives’ Revolt by the legendary JP Clark. That wasn’t the daunting part- at ARDA pride ourselves on our creativity no matter the medium. What WAS daunting was the fact that we were going…
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Check Out Pictures From Our Stage Production, ‘The Wives’ Revolt’

Executive Director, ARDA, Alison Data Phido (Left), Executive Producer, ARDA, Femi Jarrett, and Director, The Wives Revolt, Toritseju Akiya Ejoh Program Officer, ARDA, Ajemina Ogan (left), Cast, The Wives Revolt, Zara Udofia-Ejoh, Albert Akaeze, Executive Director, ARDA, Alison Data Phido, Cast, The Wives Revolt, Toyin Oshinaike, and Director, The Wives Revolt, Toritseju Akiya Ejoh    On…
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ARDA Presents ‘The Wives’ Revolt’ By J.P Clark

ARDA, the foremost Development Communication NGO in Nigeria, with over 20 years of changing norms and behaviours through drama and entertainment, is excited to celebrate International Women’s Month with the production of The Wives’ Revolt, a stage play by the literary icon, JP Clark.

Uncomfortable Conversations

They say nothing stays hidden under the sun. One day you’re having a conversation about something unrelated and all of a sudden a deep family secret, or even just a truth that nearly everyone else but you knew is revealed. This was how Jessica found out that she had been circumcised as a child.

ARDA Staff Gives Peace Talk to Youth

ARDA staff were invited to give a talk about peace and the dangers of Fake News and Hate Speech to young people at the 13th Tri-Adepoju Memorial Lecture and Peace Summit in Lagos, Nigeria. Our Project Coordinator, Rebecca Ebenezer-Abiola and Program Officer, Ajemina Ogan represented ARDA at the event, with Ms. Ogan giving the talk…
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Radio and Peace: two sides of a coin

In a prison in the West African country of Mali, journalist Hassan Ngeze serves a 35-year prison sentence. His crimes include conspiracy to commit genocide, genocide, direct and public incitement to commit genocide; complicity in genocide; and crimes against humanity (persecution, extermination and murder). Ngeze was one of the key figures behind the Rwandan genocide.…
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ARDA Staff Speaks at Social Media Week

Our Project Coordinator, Rebecca Ebenezer-Abiola spoke at the 2019 Lagos Social Media Week on a panel entitled “A Thousand Lives: How Stories Affect Social Change.” The panel was coordinated by the Mandela Washington Fellows Alumni Association (Nigeria Chapter).