Past and On-Going Projects

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1 2017 Media campaign to increase attention to early grade reading, fostering community support for early grade reading, and raising awareness for accessing quality education options and increased community support for quality education in Bauchi and Sokoto States

Design, script, translate and  produce IVR messages, Drama Skits, SMSs, SMSs, Worded and Musical Jingle 

Draft PSA questions and produce PSAs

Northern Education Initiative Plus (NEI PLUS) 

Funded by USAID


2 2017 Montrose’s USEDATA project aims to overcome the gap in access to available data on the extractives industry in the Niger Delta region, information by making it more accessible and understandable to communities and other stakeholders who can make use of it for the improvement Design and script, 8 episode drama series in pidgin – English Using Extractive Industry Data (USEDATA) Nigeria 
3 2016 “Smart Clients for Family Planning: An mHealth tool of ‘Beta Life’”An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) tool in Hausa, Yoruba and Pidgin with friendly instruction, drama, sample nurse-client dialogues, personal testimonials. Translate, produce, format and package 17 calls for an IVR tool aimed at building the capacity of clients to utilize family planning services. USAID HC3 Smart Clients 
4 2016 – Ongoing Se ‘rigbo”, “Ireti Eda”, and “Komai Nisan Jifa…”Three interactive live call-in programs in Lagos, Oyo and Kaduna states Provision of production oversight and overall management of interactive live call-in programs on  Family Health and Family Planning NURHI in partnership with John Hopkins University (JHU) and with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and TJ Mather
5 2015 Improving market access for poor agricultural producers in the Niger Delta Design and produce detailed 26 weeks discussion guides for MADE Talk Group (MTG) DAI/MADE
6 2015-2016 Advocacy and Implementation Strategy (Documentary) Videos showcasing impact and processes of the K4H/Nigeria CMLE Project Design, script and produce 2 video documentaries and 1 event coverage video for e-learning advocacy and planning. USAID K4H/Nigeria CMLE Project
7 2015-2016 Radio Magazine Show contributing to increasing community action towards a malaria-free Nigeria. Design, script and produce 26 episodes of reality-based radio magazine show to pilot in 5 states (Akwa Ibom, Benue, Kebbi, Nassarawa and Zamfara), and two languages to be adapted nationally. USAID HC3 Nigeria Malaria Project
8 2014- present “Community Health Matters”- Building the Capacity of CHEWs to Improve Maternal Health in 2 LGAs in Taraba State. Design, script, produce and air 26 episodes of a radio drama program to increase demand for services provided by skilled health providers. Train CHEWs in interpersonal communication and counselling skills and design and develop curriculum for e-toolkit job aid housed on a mobile tablet device. TY Danjuma Foundation, Nigeria
9 2014 Distance Learning Videos for mobile platform Design, script and produce 8 short videos focusing on building skills of family planning providers in clinical services provision and logistics management. NURHI in partnership with John Hopkins University (JHU) and with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
10 2013 Distance Learning Videos (film, documentary and animation) for mobile platform Design, script and produce 8 shorts, 2 animated videos and a documentary for interpersonal communication and counselling skills training family planning providers NURHI in partnership with John Hopkins University (JHU) and with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
11 2012 – 2013 “Day Don Break”A pidgin radio drama and live discussion segment on peace building, conflict resolution and re-integration of ex-militants in the Niger-Delta Design, script, produce and air the drama series on 5 radio stations in Delta, Rivers and Bayelsa states In partnership with Search For Common Ground (SFCG) and with funding from the European Union
12 2013 Listeners’ feeback programs (features and documentaries) Script and produce 2 documentaries in 4 languages on reproductive health and family planning attitude and uptake NURHI in partnership with John Hopkins University (JHU) and with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
13 2011 – 2015  Second Chance”, “Ireti Eda”, “Life don beta” and “Komai Nisan Jifa…”Four language specific radio Magazine dramas in Abuja, Ilorin, Ibadan, Benin and Kaduna Design, script, produce and air the drama series on 5 radio stations on  Family Health and Family Planning NURHI in partnership with John Hopkins University (JHU) and with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
14 2009 – 2010 Majellisa Mata Manoma: Meeting place for Women Farmers. Support for Women small holder farmers in Kaduna state. A radio program, mobile phones, community theatre and listeners’ clubs connect and empower poor rural women to improve their livelihoods and adapt to climate change GENARDIS Funds by Association for Progressive Communications (APC)
15 2007 -2009 Evaluating the efficacy of a radio drama serial to strengthen the capacity of smallholder farmers to adapt to climate change in northern Nigeria (an action research project).“In Kidiya Chanza…” Design, script, produce and air the drama series on six radio stations;  strengthen local capacity to undertake community outreach; facilitate listeners’ clubs; develop linkages with organizations, test approaches and share lessons

International Development Research Centre, (IDRC) Ottawa 



16 2006 “A Long Dry Season: Tales of Resourcefulness and Greed”Won the George Atkins Communication Award. A Radio Serial Drama Scripting project on the topic of desertification and sustainable land use and agricultural practices. Developing Countries Farm Radio network (DCFRN) Ottawa/CIDAGeorge Atkins communication award
17 2006 – 2008  Bayelsa state HIV/AIDS Multi-media Campaign“When Breeze Blow…! Design a strategy to build local capacities to design, produce and disseminate communication materials for youth in Bayelsa state, Nigeria SPDC
18 2005 -2006 Distance Learning Radio Program for Training NGOs, CBOs and CHEWS“Storms in Pato” Design and production of a radio program for training community health workers on Malaria, HIV and Tuberculosis prevention and treatment and Community mobilization, outreach and advocacy JHU/CCP PATH
19 2005 -2006 “Omo Catch Up!”(26 Episodes) Design, produce and broadcast a radio variety program to entertain as well as educate youth adolescents age between 12-24 years usually referred to as ‘Area Boys’ and ‘Agberos’ in Lagos, on HIV/AIDS behavioural change Public Affairs Section -US Embassy,  under the Presidential Emergency Plan Fund for Aids Relief (PEPFAR)
20 2005 -2007

“Songs of Life” (Pidgin English) 

“Kukan Kurciya” (Hausa)

(39 Episodes each)

Design, produce, broadcast and monitor 39 episodes each of a radio magazine program in Pidgin English and Hausa languages.  The programs were aired on six strategically located radio stations to inform and educate the general population on HIV/AIDS and also empower them to make life saving choices and decisions in taking responsibilities for protecting themselves and their families MTN FOUNDATION

2006 – 2007 



2004 – 2005



 Ku Saurara 3rd season40 episodes



Ku Saurara/Listen up!

(Phase II) 52 Episodes


Included themes on Safe Motherhood, Birth Spacing (Benefits and Methods) and post-abortion care. 

Produce and Broadcast a Hausa radio variety youth program on Adolescent Mental and Reproductive health in the Northern States of Nigeria.




22 2004 ‘Kadara Town’ Revision and Production of Audio training kit of Kadara Town – Harmful Traditional Practices/Gender issues UNICEF
23 2004 PSAs and Jingles for polio immunization awareness in Hausa language Development and Production of PSAs and Jingles to promote polio immunization in Northern Nigeria Voice of America (VOA)
24 2004 “One World” (20 Episodes Drama series in English and Hausa; 10 Episodes respectively) Radio Drama on Ethnic and Religious Tolerance and Peaceful Co- existence Voice of America (VOA)
25 2003-2004 Institutional Strengthening and Sustainability Building.Production and broadcast of 104 episodes of “Rainbow City,” “Asuba ta Gari,” “Chiefoo,” and “Orogojigo” To strengthen the organisations capacity to become a sustainable development organisation. Enabled the production and airing of ARDA’s flagship radio soaps in 4 languages. The Ford Foundation
26 2003  “BOOMERANG” A radio drama series to sensitize Nigerians to violence free politics in Hausa Voice of America (VOA)
27 2003 “Ma so ibo e nu,” a feature film A Yoruba motion-picture production by ARDA on civic and voters’ education The US Embassy
28 2003 “I am Woman, Deal with it” Live Drama for Discussion A staged Drama addressing gender inequality on World Women’s Day. The British Council, Lagos
29 2002-2003 “Chiefoo” Continues after World Bank Funding An Igbo drama serial on Democracy and Good Governance; Eastern region DFID
30 2002 Organizing and streamlining community feedback for inclusion in strategies and plans for the Niger Delta Development MASTER PLAN Facilitated 27 communication workshops in 9 Niger Delta states. Used “agit prop” drama to instigate discussion and analyses of problems and action. Helped to elicit and manage feedback for the development master plan GTZ/NDDC
31 2001-2003

‘Rainbow City’ (ep. 157 – 360)‘Asuba Ta Gari’ (ep. 105 – 234)


Continuation of Rainbow City’, ‘Asuba ta Gari’. Pidgin English, Hausa radio drama serials respectively on Democracy and Good Governance, and Human Rights particularly women’s rights. The Ford Foundation




Ku Saurara(78 Episodes) Hausa radio variety youth program on Adolescent Reproductive health; in the Northern States of Nigeria. JHU/CCP/PACKARD
33 2001 Print Pictorial materials Various Pictorial IEC booklets and posters for low-literate audiences on reproductive health information, education and motivation in Hausa, Yoruba, Ebira and Igala Languages. The Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria
34 2001 Live drama Performances for Advocacy on Women’s Human Rights 4 Live drama performances to address Women’s rights issues specific to the 3 major ethnic groups in Nigeria and a general gender equality play; Toured with 3 troupes to the regions to perform for legislators  and opinion leaders. Performed for the president, ministers and National Assembly UNICEF and the Federal Ministry for Women.
35 2001-2002  ‘Get A Grip’(52 Episodes) Design, Produce and Broadcast Adolescent Reproductive Health Program, a radio variety program in English for adolescents in Lagos, Calabar and Port Harcourt. John D. And Catherine T. Mac Arthur Foundation






‘Rainbow City’ (ep. 53-156)‘Asuba Ta Gari’ and (ep. 27-130)

‘Orogojigo’ (ep. 1- 52



Design, Produce and Broadcast ARDA’s flagship long running radio soap opera in 3 languages (Pidgin English, Hausa and Yoruba) on various development themes.–    Carried out capacity building of 25 radio stations spread through out Nigeria.

–  Advocacy for Communication freedom

–  National script writers’ training workshop

–  National conference on Democrati-   zing the Airwaves

The Ford Foundation 





37 2000 – 2001 ‘Village Meeting,’ – Development through Radio strategy. Community radio and Igbo drama, “Chiefoo”  Development Through Radio (DTR) Project for Community women empowerment in the Enugu and Ebonyi States.  Production and Broadcast of 588 hours of Community radio Pro-gram by women, and broadcast of 52 episodes of an Igbo radio serial on the social development of women. WORLDBANKDevelopment Marketplace competition winner
38 2001 ‘Neighbours’ A drama series on peaceful coexistence, ethnic and religious tolerance broadcast throughout Nigeria PANOS Institute
39 2001 – 2002

WADE IN PROJECT (‘Better Talk’ and ‘Community Talk’) 

‘Sweet Motherland’

Community Women program for women in Bayelsa and Rivers States 


A drama series on sustainable development and peace in the Niger Delta

Democracy & Governance Department of the US Embassy
40 2000 ‘Hope Town’ Radio magazine program in 5 Nigerian Languages on Civic education, Democracy and Good Governance to support INEC’s Public enlightenment and social change campaigns UNOPS/European Union






1998 – 1999


 ‘Rainbow City’ (episodes 27-52)‘Asuba Ta Gari’ (ep. 1 -26)





‘Rainbow City’ (episodes 1-26)


Produce and broadcast radio drama serials in Pidgin English , and Hausa respectively on Democracy and Good Governance, Human Rights particularly women’s rights. 

Designed, Produced and Broadcast 26 Episodes of a civic education radio drama.



The Ford Foundation 





USIS Nigeria


42 1998 Print Pictorial Materials, radio drama and magazine programs Pictorial materials on health services promotion at government facilities; reproductive health education and motivation, English, Hausa and Igbo Petroleum Trust Fund
43 1998 ‘Kadara Town’ An audio training kit on gender and development for community groups in Nigeria UNICEF
44 1997 ‘Bugga Town’ A series on environmental awareness and education. World Wide Fund For Nature(WWF)/African Communication Network (ACN)
45 1996-1998 ‘Abule Ireti’ A Yoruba radio drama series on population and development issues. John D. And Catherine T. Mac Arthur Foundation
46 1996 “Home Sweet Home” Designed and Scripted 13 Episodes of a radio drama on Child Survival topics UNICEF