Who We Are

We change Africa with our Voices


ARDA – Development Communications Inc. is a leading development communication, non-profit organization headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. Previously known as the African Radio Drama Association (ARDA) (1996-2017), the organization has effectively communicated social and behavior change for over twenty years. ARDA-DCI, building on two decades of development communication experience across different media channels, has become an innovative, enterprising and vibrant development communication institution that produces creative, culturally relevant, impactful, high quality content for sustainable development in Nigeria and across Africa.

Our Strategy

Having identified both radio and drama to be most accessible and effective media tools for popular and pervasive communication, ARDA undertakes to develop them to very high standards for the ultimate benefit of the society. In addition to our flagship productions and broadcasting, ARDA provides technical assistance and consultancy services to sister NGOs and international development agencies. Over the years ARDA has collaborated with UNICEF, WWF, PPFN, VOA and Developing Countries Farm Radio Network, Canada. Presently ARDA is collaborating with JHU-CCP, NUHRI and CCPN.

Our Focus

Our work spans a broad spectrum of health issues and other related areas including:

• Reproductive Health/Family Planning


• Development/Politics/Oil exploration in the Niger Delta

• Maternal and Child Health

• Youth empowerment

• Sustainable land use/Desertification

• Gender Equality